J503Q-20 Jacket Rahzoo Mondo - 20

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If you ever feel like running away to the Orient then make sure you take this Jacket along for the trip. How tasteful is this cut. Shapely with just a taste of The Orient. Button detail, not too complicated. Length to flatter and show off those curves. Chose a colour right for you and then grow your wardrobe. Thank you Kita Ku we love you!!


Taste of the Orient -The Jacket Rahzoo
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J503Q-20 Jacket Rahzoo Mondo - 20
Rayon crinkle is a 100% natural fibre. After a cool wash with same colourways hang to dry only and pull into shape while drying. Hot steam iron for that 'as new' look, or simply wear that 'crushed look'. Handles and feels cool to wear. Simply roll to make travelling easier. It's all about the comfort and versitility.