About Us

The limitless world of THE CURVY GYPSEA was created to satisfy and delight your shopping experience. It’s your one stop destination for fun, with flattering and exciting clothes for every adventure. We have selected the best on offer and sourced garments that are tailored specifically for your curves.

If you are a curvy girl and want to have fun and wear your clothes confidently, knowing that they were designed specifically with you in mind using quality styles and prints from around the globe then you are in the right place. It’s what we are about at The Curvy Gypsea. It’s all about the adventure.

Here at THE CURVY GYPSEA we want to make you the centre of attention; the woman everyone admires and envies for her confidence of appearance and her ability to throw on an outfit and let her natural beauty shine through.

Our Collection will reflect the spirit of freedom and travel within us all. A Curvy Gypsea isn’t just any shopper, we believe she is unique. She has a far sightedness in the mirror that reflects a radiating passion for self. She visualizes scuffing the sand while strolling along a beach with her hair bouncing gently as she ponders her own thoughts. The sun shines warmly on her raised face, listening to the voice of the sea and revelling in her appearance and very existence. She embraces the freedom for the wandering spirit to bring that imagination alive!! If that’s you then you have come to the right place so LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN….


The Curvy Gypsea Girls xx